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Along with the fun and laughter a little rain must fall and this came home to us big time when we lost our beloved CAN CH SAIMAIFUN MOMENTUM Feb 2007, "SMUDGE" was our very first pekingese and we miss him so.........He died due to a blood clot in the heart a rare condition usually not associated with small dogs


There are always surprises and disappointments in the life of a dog breeder as was the case with my latest litter , A perfectly healthy bitch died while the vet got her ready for a C section, Vet said it was a reaction to medication , as for me not so sure but what can one do, In any event my beautiful bitch "Tina" died taking with her one bitch puppy but I was blessed with three beautiful girls WHO SURVIVED AT THE HANDS OF THEIR HUMAN MOM


"Cookie" was everyone's sweetheart, not a cross bone in her body. But as much as I loved her there comes a time when we breeders know that a good home with peace and quiet is what our older girls need., So Cookie retired to Sussex and Gail Scovil . I couldn't have gotten a better home for her as she was pampered, and totally spoiled. Everyone from the Groomers to the Vets and all in between loved her. She was healthy and still beautiful right up to the end. She died as she lived quietly and with the same gentle ways. Special thanks to you Gail for giving OUR COOKIE such a long and wonderful l life


My poor "TUX" always seemed to be on the bad side of luck as at four he had a bad eye ulcer which resulted in two surgeries but he rallied and came back to win the Atlantic Top dog awards 2009 and a couple more BIS's . Then a year later while playing in the yard he popped the opposite eye which once again ended up in two more surgeries ; this ended his show career but certainly didn't slow him down as he continued to rule. My late husband and I always referred to "TUX" as our "DEVIL CHILD" for he was certainly boss of his domain and did what he wanted . When Tux would walk into the ring it was always with the attitude" this is my ring and I will do as I darn well please" and he did. But despite all the attitude this little boy had he was also a real sweetheart and the judges seemed to love him almost as much as we did . Tux was certainly one of a kind


" TODDY" in his 14th he was from my first home bred litter and truly a real lover... The joy and laughter this boy brought into our lives can only be described as true pleasure. Toddy finished his Canadian title just over 6 months and his America title at 18 months. He loved the show ring and it showed . I think everyone who knew Toddy loved him as he had that attitude . "HEY YOU GOTTA LOVE ME because I LOVE YOU" .Hot Toddy and I learned many things together and even though we made lots of mistakes in the early day there never was a time that I didn't have fun as we learned about the show world and being my first home bred show dog he will always hold a very special place in my heart and I shall certainly miss our nightly play sessions in my bed . Not a day goes by that I don't miss you little man. REST IN PEACE.


My sweet little CAN CH TAEPLACE OCEAN BREEZE CGN came to us in Sept of 2002 at three months old, bred by Beth & John Ferrier. Ocean was a delightful little girl and finished her Canadian title quickly. After having one litter she developed a infection and had to be spayed. A few years later good friends asked to adopt her and since we knew she would have a great life we agreed, a decision I never regretted. Ocean was treated like royalty all her life which proved to be long and healthy as she was almost 17 when she passed . Many thanks to my dear friends Betty Jean and Murdo Brown for taking such wonderful care of my little girl...