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The Story behind PekeEasy Kennels fall 2003 Something about Us My first encounter with this breed was while living in Ottawa many years ago , I saw a Peke Puppy in a pet store and for whatever reason I fell in love with the little fellow and his image stayed with me over the years... Always during our married life we have had pets, usually just mixed breeds that someone was giving away or couldn't keep for one reason or another and they somehow ended up spending their years with us . And to this day we seem to have a knack for acquiring strays, or rescuing animals which have been abused or abandoned. So when our Children finished College & University and moved into homes of their own, I suggested that now we could get my dream dog A Peke and to my surprise my darling  husband agreed. So my search began in 1999, I went on the internet and started contacting Pekingese owners and for over a year I searched and either there was none available or I was to scared to make the final move. So I spent many hours reading everything I could find on these little guys and asking questions. Finally on a trip to visit my daughter we took the next step , I had gotten an address of a lady in NS who had Pekes and we decided to pay her a visit : Although they didn't have any puppies available a few months later they put us in contact with Doug & Diane Kleinsorge of B. C. from whom we purchased our first Peke *Smudge* show name of "Saimaifun Momentum". They sent us pictures of Smudge and it was love at first picture, just like the one I had seen and fell in love with all those years ago. Well the sale took place in January but due to extreme cold in the West it was not until March that Smudge finally flew into Halifax airport . Being from PEI it took us 41/2 hours to drive to the airport where we waited for the arrival of our new baby. I was as excited as a new Mom when that bundle of fur came into my arms for the first time. Then it was home and get acquainted with our new boy which didn't take long as Smudge quickly won both my husband and I over and became a special member of our family which already consisted of a 8 year old Terrier " Brutus" A Peke we had rescued a year prior " Echo" and an cat that we got from a lady who discovered she was allergic to him "Sylvester" The Original plan was to have this gorgeous Peke for a pet, and I am not sure to this day how it came to be , But Doug & Diane & their Peke family were traveling across Canada and it was decided that when they were on the Island they would show Smudge for us in one of the local dog shows . We decided not to make any major decisions until after that so when it was suggested we enter Smudge in the Amherst shows we agreed , this was the very first dog show that either of us had ever attended. Smudge took the breed in all of the shows and a group 3, and a group 4 that weekend. next came Rustico and Doug after showing his own dog Mojo ( Smudge's half brother) on Sat. getting the breed and a group 2 , showed Smudge for us on Sunday also getting the breed and a group 2. Well to make this a bit shorter by this time we were pretty much hooked . So back to work I went , starting with joining CKC, submitting Kennel names and looking for a bitch to compliment Smudge,this is how we came to contact Beth & John Ferrier and in turn purchased our first bitch , Her name is ** Ocean** her show name is *Taeplace Ocean Breeze*. So in September of 2002 we traveled to Perth Ontario to pick up our new little one and meet her breeders John & Beth Ferrier. We now have a Kennel name which is ** PekeEasy Kennels** Three beautiful Champion Pekes, Yes, we have since acquired another gorgeous Peke named **Cookie**"Show name *Saimaifun Fortune Cookie* and we have just whelped our very first litter of 2 males and a bitch and are very happy to say that with the help and advise of our new friends in the Peke world all are doing very well . and to complete our Novice year WE also put a Canadian title on our "Taeplace Ocean Breeze"  In Conclusion : we consider ourselves very lucky in the fact that we have acquired such an exceptional foundation dog and two beautiful bitches to start with , have met some wonderful breeders who have had the patience to help us and continue to be there for us as we learn about this amazing breed and on top of all of this we have made some wonderful friends as we meet the Pekingese challenge.  But with every success we enjoy in the show ring whether big or small, the things we shall enjoy the most are our beautiful dogs that have brought both Chaos and Laughter into our home and the new friends we have made along the way.. So to you Doug & Diane, Beth & John, and others who have encouraged and/or helped us in one way or another Our very Sincere Thanks to all of you for your help and support .... Now as we undertake this new and exciting challenge here is a thought we shall take with us : " Occasionally we find success precedes work but only in a dictionary"  John & Mildred McInnis PekeEasy Kennels